Kirov 14 1   Being a young educational company in Ann Arbor metro area, we value the quality of the services we provide for the community. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional work ethic in the most professional, yet enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, based on the traditions of the Russian classical ballet schools. We work to see our students’ progress as dancers. With each class, students make a small step towards their dream, carefully guided by our encouraging team members.
    Our passion and dedication for the performing arts leads us towards creating our dream of presenting ballet stage productions for our students. We look forward to seeing our dancers shine on the stage, and we are excited to share our wealth of ballet knowledge.
    Being dedicated to the quality of the services we provide, our students have the unique opportunity to study ballet from professional dancers whose names are recognized throughout the world.
We love art and we are ready to raise the standards of classical ballet by providing authentic Russian ballet education previously unavailable in the Ann Arbor area.